When you are in the business where it requires you to have drugs for medicinal purpose, you will need a lot of legal advices because if anything goes wrong even remotely then your whole business can drown in a blink of an eye. Trust us we have seen some cases where a single mistake has made the career shut down and besides that people have gone to jail for many years just because a small mistake was made when they were importing drugs.

Well we can see that drug market is booming and importing from different places will make things rather risky. In this situation we would advise thatyou should hire drug importation lawyers in sydney for your business because you will need it.

Let us tell you few things that can be of consequence to your business and you when you import drugs in an illegal manner.

  • If you are importing drugs in quantity for commercial use well you can serve imprisonment for lifetime.
  • If you are importing drugsin quantity formarketable use well you can serve up to 25 years of imprisonment.
  • If you are importing drugs for anything at all of any quantity well 10 years of imprisonment.

As you can see that there are different ways to get caught and be imprisoned for different amount of time if a small mistake happens.

Let us tell you few drugs that can be imported legally for commercial use but in controlled limits and please note that this is just a representation you will have to seek consultation on it.

  • Acetorphan for 2kg only
  • Acetyl-alpha-methylfentanyl for 0.005kg
  • Acetylcodeinefor 2kg only
  • Acetyldihydrocodeinefor 2kg only
  • Acetylmethadolfor 2kg only
  • Alphaprodinefor 25kg only
  • Barbiturates for 5kg only
  • Benzethidine for 10kg only
  • Benzylmorphinefor 5kg only
  • Cannabis (in any form, including flowering or fruiting tops, leaves, seeds or stalks, but not including Cannabis resin or Cannabis fibre) for 100kg only

So you see that these are the only few things that we have mentioned that can be imported legally cross border with controlled limits and if anything that goes up and beyond that will have serious consequences in it.

As we have said before your best bet is to hiredrug importation lawyers who can help you out in these matters plus they can also correspond with vendors from cross borders to make sure that your paperwork is in order so that if by some reason you are held accountable for something then these lawyers will help you out in this matter.

So don’t make a mistake and seize this opportunity to hire the best lawyer for your importation.

What To Know About Drug Importation Lawyers?

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