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Quilting is not just combining the ann lauer fabrics; it is indeed a skill and an art to create the great quilts. There are certain styles that you can incorporate to make the best quilt. The most popular styles in practice these days to create the quilts are as follows:

  1. Hand Quilting

It is a traditional way of creating the quilts using your favourite fabric. As the name indicates the procedure includes manual effort to combine the fabric. The procedure includes joining together different kinds of fabrics to make the top and the lower part of the quilt. It is a step by step procedure that requires extra effort and time to complete the creation. There can be different styles to stitch the quilts in this method.

The traditional way of doing the hand quilting is to use the hoop. This quilting process includes a needle and a thread. With the technical improvements it has become possible to create without using the hoops. This method works great when you have to creative decorative pieces with quilting.

  1. Machine Quilting

One of early technological ways to create a quilt with Ann lauer quilting fabric is the machine quilting. It reduces the effort and the time required to create a quilt. There are several stitches and techniques available in machine quilting. There are specialized quilting machines available as well. The features vary from machine to machine and brand to brand.

  1. Free-Motion Quilting

Free-motion quilting can be done on any machine. This process requires straight stitching. The machines used in this procedure include a darning foot. The fabric keeps moving freely under the machine needle. The stitches in this procedure include stipple, circular stitching etc. It makes it even possible to write alphabets in this kind of technique so you can enjoy the personalized patterns in quilting.

  1. Longarm Quilting

It is another popular way of creating quilts with machines. It gets this name from the kind of machine used in the creation of the quilts. The longarm sewing machine has an extended head measuring 10 to 14 feet in length. The head of the machine comes in two variations. It can be used manually or with the help of computer. The machine comprises of quilting fabric in australia rollers and frame. The machine needle can go deep into every layer of the quilt regardless of which Ann lauer fabrics you are using. This technique is mostly used for commercial purposes as the equipment is expensive for casual usage.

These are just the popular styles to create the quilts. Thus, if the quilter or the buyer intends to enjoy the quilt according to their personal preferences they need to know that which style would suit you the most.

Popular Quilting Techniques

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