Who would not love the baked cakes and bakery items. This experience is meaningful if it is personalised for you. Most of the time when we are going to celebrate an important event for anyone’s life geek is a perfect addition for adding sweetness in that event. When it comes to customise a cake for your loved one as in birthday cakes in Auckland where from to find one perfect cake shop that will take care of your orders. It is not easy to find out and experience other bakeries before placing an order. If you want to go with one trusted choice of us then let us introduce you with one of the best sweet secret shop that is located in Australia and has been taking care of the orders since long. It was a homemade business but now flourished as one of the growing business. Placing order here will be promising and worth your money.  Let us tell you what kind of services are offered here.

 Our Services

 We are taking care of all kind of birthday cakes. We cannot serve you on emergency basis that is advised if you want organised order in order for birthday cakes get in touch with us beforehand. If you will get in touch with the team beforehand and let us know about your specification and what kind of customizer birthday cakes are requested by you we will be able to serve you in a better position. This is a cake shop that has been taken care of all the orders and requests of the customers since long. We never fail to amused and gratifying the customer’s experience. All the orders that are dispatched from this cake shop are fresh and sent as a token of love to our clients. We are taking care that all these orders are delivered on your doorstep in time full stop in time. At the same time, we are also Taking care that your order must not be ruined during the delivery process.


 The prices of all these but the cakes are displayed. We have elaborated the details of the prices waiting from one pound to with whatever options you want to go with. This cake shop is taking care of all the orders for important occasions of your life. The celebration geeks are customised by our bakers and they are adding all the taste and texture in right proportions. our cakes are soft moist made up of whipped cream layers of chocolate and spongy texture is so on point to perfect the taste buds of yours We assure you that these birthday cakes in Otahuhu will be a perfect addition for your special days. You can get it customised from us and all the customization orders are taken care by our bakers. We are undertaking your order baking your cake and delivering at your doorstep on time that you need not to get worried about the delivery and quality of that but the cakes.

A Perfect Bakery Stop
A Perfect Bakery Stop

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